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Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS)

Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS) aims to implant competitive skills in the students and work to upgrade the technical knowledge and aptitude of the students.

Beyond the technical field, Mechanical Engineers bring more colours to MESS stage.Team MESS is constantly trying hard to bring lots of amusing and phenomenal events for MITians.


Convener                     :  Mr. Pravesh Chandra

Faculty Coordinator    : Mr. Sandeep kumar

Student Coordinator:

2nd year:

  1. Saman Ali
  2. Muskan Bhatnagar
  3. Atigya Garg
  4. Anant Bansal
  5. AaravSanket
  6. Abhishek Singh
  7. Approv Chandel
  8. Samayak Jain
  9. Nipun Vashisth
  10. Kartik Chaudhary

3rd Year

  1. Rashi
  2. Rohan Sharma (Vice President)
  3. Samat Khan
  4. Kabir Abdul

4th year

  1. Anant Tiwari
  2. Aman Mathur
  3. Neeraj Saini
  4. Sarthak Vyas
  5. Shashwat
  6. Md. Shazeb


List of Events organized by ‘Mechanical Engineering Student Society’ in session 2019-2020


S. No.

Name of Event

Date of Event


Name of Winners

(if any)





B. Tech,

B. Pharma,

B. Arch

1st position

  • Aman(C.S. 2 nd yr)
  • Lakshey (M.E. 2 nd yr)
  • Manvee (C.S. 2 nd yr)
  • Mohd. Danish (E.C 4th yr)

2nd position

  • Devansh Bhatnager (C.S. 1st yr)
  • Dhruv Rastogi (C.S. 1st yr)
  • Dhairya Hansh (C.S. 1 st yr)

3rd position

  • Vishakha Tandon (C.S. 3rd yr)
  • Saashiwala (C.S. 3rd yr)




DIYARI on the theme of DIWALI


All Courses

From activity 1

  • Aryabh Prajapati (C.S. 1st yr)
  • Himanshu (C.S. 1st yr)
  • Jatin (C.S. 1st yr)
  • Dhruv (C.S. 1st yr)

From Activity 2

  • Jyotsana Bharti (C.S. 3rd yr)
  • Prashant Tiwari (M.E. 1st yr)
  • Keshav Mishra (C.S. 1st yr)
  • Mohd. Junaid (B. voc 1st yr)

From Activity 3

  • Sumit Debnath (C.S. 3rd yr)
  • Sumit Kumar (C.S. 3rd yr)
  • Sohail Khan (C.S. 3rd yr)
  • Priyank Raghav (C.S. 3rd yr)




S. No. 
Name of Event 
Date of Event 
Name of Winners 
 (if any)
Teacher day Celebration
5 September 2018
ME students
The perfect shot
24 September 2018
All Students of MITGI
Amber Negi CE 4th year
Akash Mathur ME 3rd year
Mohit kumar sagar ME 4th year.
The perfectionists
2 November 2018
All Students of MITGI
1.Mini katariya EC 3rd year and Shantanu Arora EC 3rd year
2.Areeba Naseem EC 2nd year and Zainab Azeem CS 2nd year
3.Asha Biswas EC 3rd year and Charul Gupta EC 3rd year



List of Events organized by ‘Mechanical Engineering Student Society’ in session 2017-2018

S.No.Date          Event NameWinner Names
113-09-2017TECHNICAL EVENT- 0021. Vikram Jeet Singh(ME 3rd Year)
2. Ubaid Ur Rehman (ME 2nd Year)
223-09-2017SURVIVAL MANIA 2.01. Ritesh Agarwal (EE, 4 th Year) Rohit Yadav (EN, 4 th Year)
2. Utsav Singh (CE,2 nd Year)
Bhavit Kr. Singh (CE, 4 th Year)
3. Achint Khanna (ME, 1 st Year)
Abhishek Kumar (EC, 2 nd Year)
311-11-2017THE MINT – DOS1. Asheesh Raghav (ME 3rd Year)
Sankalp Raj (ME 3rd Year)
2. Kush Vishabkarma (ME 3rd Year)
Atul Verma (EC 3rd Year)
3. Disakshi Gupta (CS 1st Year)
Zainab Ameen (CS 1st Year)
421-02-2018BRANDS FEVER1. Abhishek Tomar (ME 3rd Year)
Aayush Chauhan (ME 3rd Year)
2. Prakash Ahuja (CS 4th Year)
Pranjay Gupta (CS 4th Year)
3. Utkarsh Saxena (EE 1st Year)
Gagan Deep Singh (EC 1st Year)














Name of Event Date of Event Name of Winner(s) 
1.Teacher’s Day celebration5th of Sept. 2017N/A
2.DIL HAI HINDUSTANI19th April 2017

Anant K.,Sanchit Khanna,EE(3rd Year)

Vibhuti agnihotri,Tuba,B.Pharm (3rd Year)

Manish and Arpit singh,ME (3rd Year)

3.THE SOCIAL SCIENCE- The event was based upon the social media platforms one interacts with daily and its usefulness in the daily life.08th March 2017

Darakhshan Parveen,B.Pharm(2nd Year)
Yash Yadav,EE (3rd Year)
Ayushi Rastogi,CS (3rd Year)


MECH-O-TECH- A Technical Event organized to prepare students for the GATE exams in future.

04th March 2017

Raman Chauhan,ME (2nd Year)
Mohit Sagar,ME (2nd Year)
Rohit Singh,ME (2nd Year)

5.ENTEBRAINTURE28th Sept. 2016
6Teachers Day Celebration05th Sept. 2016                         –
6.TELEMANIC03rd Sept. 2016


Social Science Event

Question and answer session during MECH-O-Tech

Winners of Telemanic Event

Participants of Telemanic Event

Singing performance during Telemanic Event


The following events were organized by MESS:



Name of Event Date of Event Participants


09th April 2016

 All Students of MITGI

2.THE GAME OF BRANDS20th Aug. 2015


S.No. Name of Event Date of Event Participants
1.THE UNSOLVED MYSTERIES07th Feb. 2015All Students of MITGI
2.TAL-HUNT17th Sept. 2014
3.DUAL SURVIVAL04th Sept. 2014

This society has also organized programs in past as given below:


1.     Time Trap…… Tick Tick 10

2.     Talent -O- Mania….. Search for a Pearl

3.     Make-N’-Mix……Wear the funny goggles

4.     Diwali Fest……Ye kuch Khaaas Hai

5.     “ABCD”…..Any-Body Can Dare

B.Project Exhibition 

Department of Mechanical Engineering organises Project Exhibition  which shows the skills and technical background of students. Students worked on appreciable grounds for enhancement of technology and empowerment of society with new advancements. Total 35 projects are displayed in the exhibition.

RCCI – A clean compression engine.

Demonstration of working model of pneumatic sheet metal shearing machine

Solar Pesticides Spray System

Design and fabrication of Automatic material transporting system.

To design a working model of dessicant evaporative Air-conditioning.

Increased Mechanical advantage by use of spring damper system in Hydraulic press

Mechanical Spider (A Stair Climbing Vehicle)