MIT Group of Institutions
Admission - 2022-23

Objectives of R&D Cell

  1. To acquire new Scientific and Engineering knowledge.
  2. Identification of thrust areas of research in each department
  3. To design novel techniques in all the streams of Engineering and Technology.
  4. To develop modern tools and methods to accelerate problem solving with unique importance on rural and socially significant issues.
  5. To build functional and professional linkages with Industry, professionals, government agencies and other organizations within and outside India.
  6. Advise and encourage the faculty members  to carry out research in-house and in collaboration with other organizations and approach to Young Scientist awards by their unique research contribution
  7. To motivate the faculty members to apply for research grants from national or international funding agencies/universities/institutions of scientific research and to scrutinize the proposals before submitting to funding agencies such as; UGC, AICTE, DST, DRDO etc.
  8. To motivate the faculty members for organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, Symposiums and other research oriented events at national and International level.
  9. To encourage faculty members and students to publish technical papers for publishing in National and reputed International Conferences/ Journals
  10. Review the progress of research and offer necessary guidance whenever required
  11. Monitor and assess the progress of sponsored research projects.
  12. Review and monitor academic progress of candidates registered for Post Doc./Ph.D./M. Tech.
  13. Encourage young faculty members to register for Ph.D. at various reputed academic universities/institutes