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Admission - 2022-23

Computer Science Student Society(CSSS)

The main aim of Computer Science Student Society(CSSS) is to enhance and motivate the talent of students of by providing them a platform to flourish their budding talent. As its prime duty, society promotes various activities to enhance social awareness. CSSS believes that every individual has different potential and ability, so we feel it as our prime responsibility to encourage this talent of our students.

Computer Science Student Society (CSSS) team

Computer Science Student Society organize various technical and non-technical events to dig out the hidden talent of engineering students, so that they can explore their technical competence and utilize it in future, both for society as well as industry. The regular events under this society are:

  • OPC ( Open Programming Challenge)
  • Sargam
  • Poster Making Competition
  • Technical Quiz:
  • Computer Games
  • Technical Paper Presentation
  • Crossword
  • Debate
  • Puzzles
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness
  • Talent Hunt
  • Group Discussions
  • Fun Games etc.

               CSSS Society Member Details 2019-20

Faculty Conveners : Ms. Neha Gupta

Faculty Coordinator : Ms. Priyanka Goel

Student Coordinators:

  1.  Tasha Johri                    4th
  2. Bilal Malik                       4th
  3. Rahul Sukhija                 4th
  4. Nitin Chauhan                4th
  5.  Mayank Bhatnagar      4th   
  6.  Muskan Bhatnagar      4th
  7. Piyush Dhawan             4th   

Student Co-Coordinators:

  1. Geetika Gupta            3rd yr.
  2. Prashant Bansal        3rd yr.
  3. Anubhav Mishra       3rd yr.
  4. Ankush Tyagi             3rd yr.
  5. Kriti Shukla                3rd yr.
  6. Paras Pandey              3rd yr.
  7. Sanskriti Agarwal      3rd yr.

Student   Member: 

  1. Yashika Rohilla             2nd yr.
  2. Siddhant Kaushik         2nd yr.
  3. Samriddhi                      2nd yr.
  4. Navjeet Singh                2nd yr.