To Develop industry ready professionals with values and ethics for global needs.


  • To impart education through outcome based pedagogic principles.

  • To provide conducive environment for personality development, training & entrepreneurial skills.

  • To induct high professional ethics and accountability towards society in students.

Since inception MIT has been actively engaged in Youth and Nation Building by imparting quality education.  Being under teen, MIT is roaring to enter in its full youth with great vigour, zeal and excitement to meet the challenges of EKRIS (Education, Knowledge, Research, Innovation and Skill) which is supposed to be the currency of 21st Century.  Teachers of MIT are following the footpaths and legacy of Hon’ble Saint Dronacharya to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who have not just taught but created a whole generation of individuals who took the world ahead on the path of excellence through 5 Cs: Character, Commitment, Conviction, Courtesy & Courage and through 5 Ds: Desire, Direction, Dedication, Determination and Discipline.

Being Indians, we are highly spiritual irrespective of cast, creed and religion which guides us on right path through wisdom and value systems.  We MITians, pray the Lord for our welfare and excellence by reciting the prayer given which is mentioned below:-

Change is the law of nature and so our goals and challenges in this competitive world will be changing to remain at the top position amongst the temples of learning and to be called a winner.  For this we have given a motivating call to ourselves – Students, Staff, Faculty and Management, which is as follows:-

“Oh MITians ! Get up, Wake up,
Take up the challenge,
Toil, Exert, Excel and Win”

and our Reply is :

“Yes, We MITians, will Excel and Win”

The stay at MIT for gaining fragrance of knowledge, character and wisdom is stunning, thrilling and enticing.  Be proud of being a MITian.