Department of Mechanical Engineering

( NBA Accredited )

About the Department

Mechanical Engineering is synonymous to Industrial Revolution that started after the invention of Steam Engine by James Watt. Wright brothers invented plane that revolutionized aviation industries. It is the industrial revolution that brought prosperity and comforts to the people. From pins to planes including commercial and fighter planes, from simple agricultural equipment to tractors, from bullock carts to all sorts of modern cars & trains and from simple boats to big ships & submarines are all creations of Mechanical Engineers. All the modern inventions such as rockets, space vehicles, multi-task missiles, battle tanks, sophisticated guns, robots, all types of power plants, air conditioners etc. are all creations of Mechanical Engineers. In every industry, the need of Mechanical Engineers varies from 40% to 80%. Whatever product we choose, whether Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics, a major contribution of Mechanical Engineering is involved. As a result of a large amount of involvement of Mechanical Engineers in various industries and organizations, the branch of Mechanical Engineering is regarded as Ever Green Branch of Engineering.

The Mechanical Engineering discipline is designed to provide analytical and experimental skills required for a wide variety of careers in Mechanical Engineering and also in other multi-disciplinary areas like Materials Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental pollution control, Computer sciences, Robotics and Management. The Department has built up all the facilities required for imparting excellent training to meet the challenges of the 21st century and has taken up the challenge to meet complex technological needs of the globe. We are in the process of specializing in CAD, CAM and in material testing.

The faculty actively participates in sponsored research and consultancy work, seminars/conferences and short-term courses. The teaching and research programs in the department are organized according to both disciplinary and inter-disciplinary themes. The department is served by highly qualified and potential Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and technical staff. Apart this, the students and scholars get the experience with well-equipped laboratories and standard books in departmental library. We cover all the core disciplinary areas of mechanical engineering including dynamics, controls, solid mechanics, materials, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, production and design.

Year of Establishment: 1996

Total strength of faculty: 15

Total Intake : 30


To develop competent and skilled Mechanical Engineers having moral values and ethics for the fulfillment of fast changing global needs.



  • To nurture continuous enhancement in teaching learning process for imparting strong fundamental knowledge of core, engineering science, and interdisciplinary subjects to students.
  • To provide state-of-the-art laboratories for providing hand-on experience of technology, and to provide platforms for leadership and overall personality development.
  • To develop strong mentor-mentee relationship for the professional and personal growth of students and also to inculcate moral values and ethics for serving the society.