Department of Mechanical Engineering

( NBA Accredited )

Mechanical Engineering Laboratories

The department has state of art laboratory and workshop facilities with modern sophisticated equipment to give practical exposure to the students and carry out research in areas related to mechanical and industrial engineering. Following are the major laboratories:

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory:
    Equipped with CNC Milling, CNC Turning. Automatic Storage and Retrieval System, Automated Material Handling System and 6 Axis Robot.
  • Material Science and Testing Laboratory:
    Equipped with 40 ton capacity UTM with attachments for Compressive, Shearing, Bending & Tensile tests. Other machines include Izod-charpy impact testing machine, Brinell hardness testing machine, Vickers hardness testing machine, furnaces, polishing machine, metallurgical microscope and Pin & Disc type wear testing machine etc.
  • Fluid Mechanics And Machinery Laboratory:
    Equipped with closed circuit pelton wheel and francis turbines, hydraulic ram, different pumps and flow measuring equipment.
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Laboratory:
    Equipped with Air Conditioning system with facilities of both, winter and summer air conditioning, vapour compression systems and vapour absorption system.
  • Computer Aided Design Laboratory:
    Equipped with 30 computers with important software’s such as Ansys, Pro Engineer, AutoCAD and Turbo C++ software.
  • Applied Thermodynamics Laboratory:
    Major equipment are multi-cylinder engine test rig with facility to conduct the morse test, variable compression ratio engine, working models of engine components, Exhaust Gas Analyzers for both SI & CI engines.
  • Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory:
    Major equipment include heat exchangers of different types, fin apparatus, natural and forced convection apparatus, emissivity measurement apparatus, thermal conductivity measurement of insulating powders.
  • Mechanics of Machines Laboratory:
    Major equipment include universal vibration testing machine, static and dynamic  balancing machine, cam and follower mechanism,  working system of brakes, clutches, links and different mechanism.
  • Measurement and Metrology Laboratory:
    Major equipment consists of precision measuring equipment such as caliper, slip gauges, sine bar, surface rough measuring equipment etc.
  • Automobile Lab:
    Major Equipment consist of Staring Mechanism, Ignition System, Fuel Supply System, Lighting System, MPFI System, Breaking & Clutch System etc.
  • Machine Shop:
    Equipped with six center Lathes, one capstan lathe, one slotter, one drilling and one milling machine, horizontal surface and bench grinder, one radial drilling machines one milling machine with all attachments, one shaper and power hacksaw and bench grinder.


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