Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

The growth of human civilization is the manifestation of advances in science with its applications in the form of engineering, technology, medicine and other applied branches. Since the universe came into existence and lives on the earth planet started, human beings initiated to discover the mystery of nature on the earth and sky, full of wonders and beauties and thus the growth of science took place. The present generations of human beings are highly indebted and grateful to the early legendary scientists such as Newton, Thomas Edison, Graham Bell, Einstein, Stephen Hawking Ramanujan, Madam Curie etc., who unraveled the mystery of the nature, and gave the solid foundation of knowledge in science. With the further contributions of Nobel prize winners and other  legendries in the field of science and its applications, the human civilization progressed tremendously and today we are exploring the Moon, the Mars, the Sun and various other planetary bodies and enjoying the fruits of highly comfortable lives, surfing internet, cloning human bodies and so on. There are colossal contributions of science and its applied branches in bringing prosperity, increasing life expectancy and offering all sorts of comforts to human beings.

But the human civilization has many dimensions highly interwoven with science, engineering, medicines, agricultural, social science, art, culture, behavioral science, etc. Hence, the education of science and engineering must include social and behavioral sciences where the students can navigate the judicious application of scientific principles along with human moral and social understanding.

The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, following its basic ethos, imparts excellent quality education in the areas like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Professional Communication, Management Studies and Environmental Studies to the future technocrats of all streams and enhances innovative thinking among them.

For the fulfillment of teaching and research goals, the Department has 13 faculty members including 11 Ph.Ds, with a high degree of excellence, who keep pace with the current developments in their fields of specialization. The department provides ample opportunities and facilities for research and development along-with well-equipped state-of-the-art Physics and Chemistry laboratories. Living in an era of communication, the Department also boasts of in its possession of two state-of-the-art Language Laboratories. 

Specialization in Basic Sciences

The following are the specializations in basic sciences.


  • Nanotechnology
  • Optical Memories
  • Solar Energy


  • Water Pollution
  • Extraction of Metal from Alloys and allied Wastes


  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Sampling Theory
  • Operation Research


Imparting human values & preliminary knowledge of science for the benefits of the society through educational system, for laying a strong foundation at the beginning level of engineering to meet complex technological needs of the society.


To transform the department into one of the leading departments by providing the required high quality infrastructure, professional values & ethics with strong bedrock to excel in technical knowledge.


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