Moradabad Institute of Technology, Moradabad

NBA Accreditation at
Institute Level

1. Video Tour of central facilities

2. Institutional Presentation (PPT)

3. Course files (first year courses- 4 nos. one from sc., one math’s, and two others), Course file must contain COs, mapping, Target of COs and attainment, Semester session Plan, Sample T-L resources, assignments, mid-term papers and end-term papers

4. Laboratory record/manual including, assessment, rubrics and their implementation for first year

5. Time table of first year for all three assessment years

6. Faculty list of first year (CAY, CAYm1, CAYm2)

7. Composition of GC/GB, Senate and other Academic and Administrative bodies, their functions and responsibilities. List of all the meetings held in the past 3 years along with the attendance record, minutes and action taken reports of a few meetings of such bodies along with the list of current faculty members who are members of such bodies.

8.   Feedback forms of faculty, course, facilities and sample corrective actions

9. Proof of delegation of financial powers along with its implementation for all 3 assessment years (Sample only)


Typically replies within a day

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