MIT Sport Association (MITSA)

MITSA was formed with the view of developing the students’ overall personality. As we all know that to have a good health, we need physical fitness. For this sports play an important role because to have healthy body we need healthy mind. The objective of MITSA is to make students aware about health.

Objectives of MITSA

To provide students good health
To entertain students with the help of exercise & sports activities
To inculcate competitive attitude among students.
To have sports activities at national level
To make students disciplined

By keeping in mind the physical fitness of students, various sports activities are being conducted, like – chess, carom, T.T., badminton, lawn tennis, cricket, basket ball, football, athletics etc. by MITSA. The winners of these activities are being awarded and are given the opportunity to participate in external competitions also.

MITSA Co-ordinator: 

Dr. Akhilesh Shukla

Team Members:

Mr. Hemant Kumar
Mr. Amit Dewal

Zonal 2019

Yoga 2019
Annual Sport 2018