Caste Based Discrimination Cell

Committee for Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination in Institute for SC/ST as per the scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes/ (prevention of Atrocities)

Committee Against Caste Based Discrimination addresses issues related to caste discrimination within the MIT Campus. The committee also proactively works towards caste-based discrimination policies, grievance redressal procedure, sensitization programmes for incoming and current students.

Roles And Responsibilities

Caste Based Discrimination Cell is dealing with the following matters.
1. Complaints of violation of Norms and Standard of MIT group of Institutions.
2. Any Complaint of students/ faculty/stakeholders of MIT group of Institutions regarding Caste Based Discrimination.
3. Any Other issue regarding caste based discrimination.
Our Core Team Members
     1Dr. Animesh AgarwalDOSWConvener
2Mr. Deepak SinghMEMember
 3Ms. KanchanCSEMember
 4Mr. Lalit ParchhaEEMember
5 Mr. Akash Gautam EE Member
6 Ms. Sakshi Singh CSE Member


Caste Based Discrimination Grievance Form