Mechanical Engineering (Guest Lectures)


Guest Lecture Summary

S. NoTopicDateResource PersonTarget AudienceAttendanceHours Relevance to POs, PSOsPayment Details      (if any)
1Agrivoltaics11/9/2020Mr.  Vivek Saraf  CEO, SunSeed, AVPFaculty & Mechanical Engg. Students80%2PO 2,3,4   PSO 1,3 –
2Preparation Techniques   for IES 21.12.2020Mr. Rajat Dixit, ADME, Indian RailwayFaculty & Mechanical Engg. Students85%2PO 12     PSO 4
3“Deciding what to do with your life”12/1/2021Mr. Dhanajaya Bharadwaj       (Deputy Commandant Technical, Indian Coast Guard.)Mechanical Engg. Students75%2PO 11, 12   PSO 4
4Role of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive and manufacturing field 16-01-2021Mr. Mahesh Shinde, (General Manager, Tata Motors, Pune India.)Faculty & Mechanical Engg. Students80%2PO 2,3,4 PSO 1,3
5Intelligent welding systems in context of Industry 4.0 02-02-2021Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary, (Business Development Manager, Fronius India Pvt. Ltd.Faculty & Mechanical Engg. Students85%2PO 2,3,4 PSO 1,3
6Opportunities of mechanical engineers in society28-04-2021Mr. Ravi shanker Kochak, Vice chairman, IMechEFaculty & Mechanical Engg. Students70%2PO 11, 12  PSO 4 –
7Learn by doing using simulation software: Ansys mechanical & CFD20.05.2021Mr. Kailash Jagtap (Application Engineer, ARK Solution Pvt. Ltd.)Faculty & Mechanical Engg. Students75%2PO 2,3,4       PSO 1,3
8Digital manufacturing11.06.2021Mr. Krishna prasad M, DM expert, Siemens COE, NIT KurukshetraFaculty & Mechanical Engg. Students70%2PO 2,3,4       PSO 1,3
9Composite to nano-composite25.06.2021Dr. Avinash Parashar IIT RoorkeeFaculty & Mechanical Engg. Students80%2PO 2,3,4       PSO 1,3Rs.3000/-



























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