Mechanical Engineering (FDP/STTP)

FDP on “Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering Science & Green Energy” (20/11/2019 to, 03/12/2019)


On second session of Day 1, Prof. Rakesh Saxena from Pantnagar University (a renowned professor of Machine Design) delivered his talk on the study of Mechanical Properties of Trabecular Bone & Prosthetic  Engineering. He told that the mechanical engineering is very much considerable in making number of different instruments and device for medical science. He also shared the use of FEM in designing of mechanical components especially for solid & structures, heat transfer and fluids.


On Day 2, Dr. Tauseef Uddin Siddqui from Rohilkhand University had discussed the Abrasive water jet machining of continuous fiber-reinforced polymer composites along with some Experimental studiesas well as modeling and optimization in first session.  He also discussed on Computational methods for process design and optimization with some interesting examples.

In  second  session  of  Day  2,  Prof.  G.  N.  Tiwari  from  IIT  Delhi  discussed  the  typical thermodynamics of solar thermal systems and the Photovoltaic (PV) modules with its application. B also discussed the role of the ambient temperature and isolation on the performance of solar applications. He provided research guidelines to all the participants and brought about excess of information with respect to innovative teaching & learning styles for the subject i.e.’ “Thermal Energy Conversion”. Issues like, assessment  of  solar  radiation  on  a  particular  geographical  location  and performance Enhancement   Participants   shared   their   opinions   on  the   particular   topic   with the mentors…. it was an enriching session incorporating the contemporary style of teaching.

On  Day  3,  Dr.  Deepak  Kumar  from  IIT-Delhi  discussed  the  Fundamental  Issues  of Tribology  and  Nano-Mechanics  etc.  He  also  discussed  the  basics  of  lubricants  and lubrication, selection of lubricants for different machine components. He told that wearing of the components is critical issue therefore selection of lubricants is much important. After looking the interest of the participants he invited the participants for research work in Tribology in IIT Delhi.

On Day 4, Prof. S. K. Singal from IIT-Roorkee had discussed some important issues of renewable energy systems which deals with mechanical engineering and also design of small hydro power plants etc. He presented an overview of energy consumption and production in India. He also shared the importance of the site locations for a particular power plant to produce maximum output.

On Day 5 & 6, Prof. Anil Kumar Agarwal from IIT-BHU discussed the concepts of Genetic algorithm. He had also gone through the experimental session for linear part programming. All the participants took the great interest and solve their own problems through the platform. Prof. Anil Agarwal had taken a very interactive session on Industry 4.0 and shown its importance to the production and manufacturing sectors of India.

On Day 7 & 8, Dr. C.P. Khattar from CSIT Ludhiana discussed the Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. By sharing his industrial experience he not only discussed the challenges in manufacturing sectors but also discussed Buildings simulation through CAD software. He took the tutorial session of CAD and clears the doubts of participants during drafting of engineering components.

On Day 9, Er. Amit Khattar from Yashika Stamping Ludhiana discussed Orthographic Projections & Designing by approaching to MasterCam & Solidworks which are the software for designing, drafting and modeling. Er. Amit Khattar had also taken some interactive sessions on CNC part Programming language and Simulation of different Designed Objects of higher complexity.

On Day 10, Prof. Pradeep Kumar from IIT- Roorkee, discussed the Advancements & Challenges in Manufacturing Process like Casting, Squeezing, Micro-machining etc. Prof. Pradeep Kumar had discussed the Taguchi Method of Quality engineering which has followed by a Case Study. After that he discussed the role of quality and its maintainability for open and closed tolerances components used in automobile sector.

On  Day 11,  Dr.  Meghanshu  Vashishta  from  IIT-BHU  discussed  the  Material Characteristics  and  some  other  important  Machining  Processes.   The   concept  of  tool geometry and tool selection for grinding operations was very interesting. Dr. Vashista discussed the applied forces and angle of tools through a beautiful wood made cutting tool. 

On  Day 12,  An Industrial visit has been arranged to the Metal Handicrafts Service Centre (MHHS, Peetal Nagari, Moradabad) which is an institution established by Government of India which provides best services possible in Metal finishing, Testing & Research and Design development aesthetically and economically. Participants have learnt a lot about testing of different metals exported around the world from the city.

On the last day, we have Prof. A.C. Mathur from Indian Space Research Organization, Ahmadabad and he will share the Advancements in Mechanical engineering and Its challenges in Space Science and Technology.

After last session, a quiz exam (objective type) was conducted for the duration of one hour. Total 41 participants were qualified the exam successfully for the issuance of certificates by respected director of MIT, Dr. Rohit Garg.

FDP on “Green Tribology” (06/05/2019 to 10/05/2019)

One week faculty development programme was organized on Green Tribology in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Moradabad Institute of Technology. Programme was sponsored by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University under TEQIP-III scheme.

Day-1 (06/05/2019)

  • Dr. Apurbba Kumar, ME IIT Roorkee, has delivered his keynote address on “Why Green Tribology-some thoughts” and “Towards Green Tribology- Some Solutions”. In his first lecture he discussed about fundamental knowledge of Green Tribology and interesting facts about Tribological studies.
  • Dr. Inderdeep Singh, Asso. Prof. ME IIT Roorkee delivered his talk on “Primary and secondary processing of natural fiber reinforced composites. Dr. Singh explored the application of polymer matrix and reinforced composites with some actual ongoing research by him.
Day-2 (07/05/2019)
  • Forenoon session: Dr. Kaushik Pal, Asso. Prof. ME, IIT Roorkee delivered his keynote on “Green Composites”. He also explored the bio medical applications of mechanical engineering.
  • Afternoon session : Dr. Praveen Pachauri, Prof. NIET Gr. Noida, delivered his talk about Biometric surfaces and discussed interesting facts and research work on Green tribology.
Day-3 (08/05/2019)
  • Forenoon Session :On the third day of programme participants blessed with a heart core research person, Principal Scientist from CSIR IIP Dehradun, Dr. Om P. Khatri. Dr. Khatri talked about lubricating oil and challenges for lubricating industries in India. He shared his work of designing lubricant of fighter jet planes for Indian army.
  • Afternoon Session : On the same day we also blessed with the knowledge of very dynamic personality Dr. Sujeet Kumar Sinha, Professor ME, IIT Delhi. He delivered his talk on texturing of polymer surfaces and Tribological performances.
Day-4 (09/05/19)
  • Forenoon Session : Dr. Prasanta Kumar Padhi, DGM, Steel Authority of India Ltd. Rourkela delivered his keynote on “Tribology-The way of Experiencing life”.
  • Afternoon session
    On the same day we blessed with one more eminent speaker Dr. Jitendra Katiyar, Asst Prof-Research SRM IST, Chennai. He delivered his talk on polymer composite balls.
Day-5 (10/05/2019)
  • Forenoon Session  : Dr. Jitendra Katiyar continues his talk on next day he explored the various research in the field of Surface Coatings. He discussed about the benefits of epoxy composites and polymer composites.
  • Afternoon Session : Dr. Prasanta Kumar Padhi in the second day of his talk discussed about the fundamental of green tribology in steel industries.
  • Valedictory Session
FDP on “Advances in Thermal Science & Technologies” ( 1st May to 06th May 2017)

FDP on “Advances in Thermal Science & Technologies” (01st May to 06th May 2017), Sponsored by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.

Experts Details:

  1. Prof. Sameer Khandekar
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) Expertise Area- Heat Pipe Technology, Energy Systems, Phase Change Heat Transfer.
  2. Prof. Lokesh Varshney
    Govind Ballabh Pant University Of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar (Uttarkhand)
    Expertise Area- Solar Energy, Solar Thermal System, Internal Combustion Engines
  3. Prof. Prashant Shukla
    Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
    Expertise Area- Thermal systems, Energy & mass transfer
  4. Prof. A.K. Pratihar
    Govind Ballabh Pant University Of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar (Uttarkhand)
    Expertise Area- Heat & mass transfer in ammonia-water absorber, Refrigeration and air conditioning technology
  5. Dr. Varun Goel
    National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh)
    Expertise Area- Biological Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Life cycle assessment, Renewable Energy
  6. Prof. Prabal Talukdar
    Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Expertise Area- Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid flow, Heat transfer in porous media, Thermal systems