Master in Business Administration

Student Society:

MBA student society is formed to look after students’ overall development in sphere of personality and intellectual development. The main objective is to give students a platform to show their creativity, capability for event management, communication skills and to ensure a sense of competition amongst them.

The students’ society at MIT MBA is truly diverse as students come from different social and cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. As a member of students’ society, they get an unparalleled exposure to different cultures, languages, and ways of living.

Following are the three main Student societies apart from the cultural society:

  1. Student Finance Society
  2. Student Marketing Society
  3. Student Human Resource Society

The events are organized to bring out creative instincts of the students which enhance their personalities. The regular events under this society are:

  1. Cultural Events
  2. Alumni Meet
  3. Debate Competition
  4. Collage Competition
  5. Quiz Competition
  6. Group Discussions
  7. Mock Interview Sessions
  8. Brand Logo Competition
  9. Sports Competition

Events organized by ‘MBA Student Society’