Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Student Society (CESS)

Modern life is completely dependent on Engineering. Its presence is everywhere and is changing as well as challenging with time. CIVIL engineering evolves from the word challenging.
Civil engineering is all about combinations of skills, knowledge, interaction, challenge and demanding career, which CESS is trying to empower inculcate amongst the students of civil engineering as well as students of other streams.  
Our aim from CESS is to give overview about real life problems and importance of team working, team management,presentation skills to students through various innovative activities etc.It has been observed that student are taking keen interests in various activities of CESS. They are trying to inculcate new skills and knowledge about real life problems.


-Marcel Pagnol


CESS Activity Reports

Civil Engineering Student Society or CESS celebrated 7 years of existence with providing students a platform to showcase there talent and ability since it was founded in the year 2010-11. 

Recently organised events include Open Debate Competition, celebration of Engineer’s day, Teacher’s Day, Team 007, Bridge Making, Emotifuns, Treasure hunt, paper Heroes, Smartness Quiz and many more. We believe that Society is rostrum that bring students and teachers together. It provides abundant chances for students to get involved in various activities & events. The main motive behind the society is to give students knowledge, skills, confidence, sense of responsibility and courage to tackle real problems in life. The society helps in developing the spirit of healthy competitions over the cut-throat ones. Here they are taught to be in competition with themselves. We encourage the ones who have talent and also the ones who wish to explore their talent. The society will keep bringing in the new concepts and ideas in order to develop students through various activities.

Mohd. Saqib Qadeer

Asst. Professor

CE Department

1.Vishal Yadav4thPresident
2.Usman Zaheer4thVice-President
3.Ravi Verma4thSenior Coordinator
4.Rishabh Mohan Saxena4thSenior Coordinator
5.Uday Pratap Singh4thSenior Coordinator
6.Rudra Pratap Singh4thSenior Coordinator
7.Vishal Pandey4thSenior Coordinator
8.Deepali Vasudev4thSenior Coordinator
9.Abhinav Kumar4thSenior Coordinator
10.Abhay Singh4thSenior Coordinator
11.Pramod Kumar3rd Coordinator
12.Alankar Saxena3rd Coordinator
13.Tanmay Gupta3rd Coordinator
14.Manas Bhatnagar3rd Coordinator
15.Tarushi Chahal3rd Coordinator
16.Nishtha Singh3rd Coordinator
17.Priyanshu Saini2nd Member
18.Mohd.Amir2nd Member
19.Niharika Singh2nd Member
20.Mariya Wahab2nd Member
21.Amir Zaman Khan2nd Member
22Adarsh Kumar2nd Member



The following events were organized during session 2016-17:


Name of Event Date of Event Name of Winner(s) 
1.Footloose(Nritya) – Dance Competition in Thomso3rd Position
2.Teacher’s Day Celebration – To celebrate Teacher’s Day.05th Sept. 2016

Bhangra group participated in Thomso 2016 in footloose(Nritya),IIT Roorkee


The following events were organized during session 2015-16:

3S (slide show, skit, skill smartness quotient)

CESS organizes 3S (slide show, skit, skill smartness quotient) in which 3 teams of every engineering society of college participated. Civil engineering student society won all the 3 competitions. Winners gets the prices and the words of appreciation with Honorable chief guest PRAGYA MISHRA (PPS officer, Anticorruption Deptt.)

The following events were organized during session 2014-15:

CESS has organized a college level competition, T-STRUCT, a Tower making competition. More than 250 students participated in this competition. Top three teams were awarded with prizes.

“CESS has recently organized an Open debate competition at departmental level. There were almost 50 entries in that which lead to finding 3 best Debater students.”