Department of Civil Engineering

Industrial Visit 

Industrial visits are  basic necessity for Civil Engineering students to understand, how an Engineering plan is created. In such visits students given some tasks like providing plan details of particular area and using this details for designing & planning process. During such visits students got chance to use the latest technology like G.P.S system, Total – Station equipment as well as software used in industrial sector.

The main function of industrial visits are –

  1. Enable students in a real project.
  2. Enable student to become more familiar with instruments.
  3. Give students an opportunity to make significant survey decision.

Various departmental activities of department are as follows:

S No.Details of Industrial VisitSites of VisitDate of Visit
1.Industrial Visit at CSIR-CBRI, RoorkeeCBRI, Roorkee1st April, 2019
2.Sadbhav Engineering Limited, BilaspurBilaspur, Rampur19th November, 2018
3.Sadbhav Engineering Limited, BilaspurBilaspur, Rampur21st April, 2018
4.Industrial Visit at CSIR-CBRI, RoorkeeCBRI, Roorkee11th April, 2018
5.Industrial Visit at CSIR-CBRI, RoorkeeCBRI, Roorkee7th April, 2017
6.EVA Developers Pvt. Ltd.Moradabad14th October, 2017
7.CBRI, Roorkee and other major irrigation structuresCBRI Roorkee2nd March, 2016
8.Flyover Bridge Construction SiteAgwanpur Railway Crossing, Moradabad23rd February, 2016
9.U.P. Bridge Corporation, MoradabadFlyover Construction site at Sambhal Chauraha9th October, 2014
10.CBRI RoorkeeRoorkee9th April, 2014
11.Survey CampNear New Moradabad11th Feb – 18th Feb ,2014
12.Delhi Metro Rail Construction SiteDMRC ,Delhi18th April, 2013
13.Hydraulic Structures over Ganga CanalHaridwar – Roorkee16th March, 2013
14.Bridge Construction SiteRampur Road, Railway Crossing Moradabad12th March, 2013
15.Survey CampNear Majhola, Moradabad8th January – 14th January, 2013