Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


ECE Laboratories
Basic Electronics Lab. :

In order to understand the basic principles of electronics, this lab. provides knowledge about different components, circuits and measuring instruments used in electronics. Here, students get knowledge about active and passive components and study about rectifiers, amplifiers, oscillators, etc. This lab. also provides the facility to become familiar with the principle of operations and usefulness of some of the essential electronic measuring instruments such as digital multimeters, regulated power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes etc.

Digital Electronics Lab.:

In this lab. students gain experience in the design, assembly, testing, and trouble-shooting of digital electronic circuits. Experiments encompass a wide range of topics such as combinational circuits, sequential circuits, clock circuits and programmable logic devices. This lab. provides proper and sufficient equipment, devices and ICs to the students to carry out the experimental work.

Microwave Engineering Lab.:

This is a specialized lab. dealing with the study of different microwave components. It contains a number of setups comprising of Klystron Tubes, Gunn Diodes, Klystron Power Supplies, Modulators, Directional Couplers, Magic Tee, Isolators, Circulators, Microwave Test Benches, Power Meters, Energy Meters and VSWR Meters etc.

Electronics Workshop and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Lab.:

Electronic Workshop is primarily responsible for all electronics related design, development, repair and maintenance of facilities and experimental set-ups. It is also responsible for general fault diagnosis and repair, electrical safety testing and computer interfacing. The lab. has a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication facility including Computer Aided Design for prototyping work and small production runs using the software Dip trace. The necessary machines that are essential for PCB fabrication such as drilling machine, shearing machine, etching machine, protocure machine, UV exposure machine are available here along with dark room facility. This lab. is extensively used by the final year students for  their project work.

Analog Integrated Circuits Lab.:

This is a basic lab dealing with the design of common analog circuits with discrete components utilizing OPAMPs, 555 timers, etc. The lab provides the practical knowledge about important aspects of Analog integrated Circuits.

Microprocessor Lab.:

This lab. provides intensive practical revelation to the students in the field of microprocessor architecture and industrial control through microprocessors. It has a large number of 8085 & 8086 microprocessor kits, peripheral kits, CROs, multimeters etc. to facilitate the experimentation as per curriculum as well as for aiding the project work. A different exercise in this lab. includes serial data communication between PC and 8085 microprocessor trainer kit, peripheral kits, HDL kits, 0809 kits, and assemblers. The students are also given a provision to update themselves with 8088 microprocessor with various add-on facilities.

Communication Lab.:

All analog and digital communication related experiments are carried out in this lab. Any standard set up in the lab. consists of equipments like function generators, oscilloscopes, power supplies, communication trainer kits, noise generators, spectrum analyzers etc. The students are familiarized with different modulation techniques such as FM, AM, SSB-SC, DSB-SC, etc. The lab. has also a number of kits demonstrating different techniques such as FSK, PCM, PAM, TDM, Delta Modulation, PPM, PWM etc. It is fully equipped to perform experiments on  various Modulator/Demodulator Characteristics, Measurement of Characteristic Impedance,Load Impedance of Co-axial Transmission Lines etc.

Electronics CAD Lab.:

This Lab provides a basic knowledge to the students about the computer aided design for electronic circuits. The Lab where students design and simulate Electronic Circuits on Computer systems with latest configuration having standard licensed software packages. This laboratory is extensively used for final year projects by the students.

The different licensed software and kits used for the computer aided design are:

Multisim 7
Active HDL

Digital Signal Processing Lab.:

This is a specialized laboratory with emphasis on signal processing experiments. Here students carry out signal processing tasks in both hardware and software. While Matlab is used for simulation task, real-time experiments are carried out using DSP kits. Beside these, arbitrary waveform generators, Oscilloscopes, scanner and color printers are also available in the lab.The lab is fully equipped to perform experiments such as Sampling & wave generation, FIR/IIR filter implementation, DFT computation with using DSP Processers.

Project Lab.:

This is the lab. where students of final year work on their mini projects and final projects.  It is equipped with sufficient number of test and measuring equipment like CROs, function generators, variable power supplies, etc.

Departmental Library

Departmental Library

The Library is one of the important facilities of the Institute supports the study, teaching, research and development programmes of the Institute.In addition to the central library, the department has its own library. The library makes available a number of textbook for the students and the faculty members. Magazines related to the Electronics field, project reports, seminar reports, datasheets are available for reference.The departmental library helps all the students a lot to search usefull matter related to their courses which in turn improves their technical knowledge a lot. The latest magazines related to electronics gives the students a great idea about the new researches and projects in the corporate market.

Some useful magazines available in the library are:

  • Electronics For You
  • PC Quest
  • Digit
  • IT

The departmental library also includes the project reports, seminar reports and training reports of the pass out students which helps all the students to make their final year projects.

The total collection of departmental library is as follows:

No. of Books                                :  435
No. of Project Reports               :  243
No. of Seminar Reports            :  623
No. of Training Reports            :  703
No. of Video Course (NPTEL)  :  41