Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Research & Developement


  • A Fixture for Avoiding Puncture in Two Wheelers

  • Fatal Hazard Avoiding System for Staircases

  • Rendition on Track Revealer

  • Automated agriculture system and a method thereof

Research Work

For an engineering faculty or student the research investigations are of the utmost importance. The researches from Engineering faculties or students help, move innovations up the chain.

In Electronics and Communication Engineering Department the faculty members devote a large portion of their time for research activities. Students are also motivated to indulge in research. The result is apparent, the students are able to develop Novel projects under the guidance of faculty members. Many of these projects are recognized on national level.

Details of papers published in Journal/Conference/Book Chapter

2020-21, Link: Paper Details 2020-21

2019-20, Link: Paper Details 2019-20

2018-19, Link: Journal Paper 2018-19

                 Link: Conference Paper 2018-19

2017-18, Link: Journal Paper 2017-18

                 Link: Conference Paper 2017-18

2016-17, Link: Journal Paper 2016-17

                 Link: Conference Paper 2016-17

2015-16, Link: Journal Paper 2015-16

                 Link: Conference Paper 2015-16

2014-15, Link: Journal Paper 2014-15

                 Link: Conference Paper 2014-15

2013-14, ink: Conference Paper 2013-14


Professional Society Membership

Professional Society Membership:

Sr. No.

 Faculty Name

Professional Society Membership


 Dr. Kshitij Shinghal



Dr. Akhilesh Shukla



Dr. Amit Saxena

ISTE, IEEE-Computer Society, IAENG


Mr. Kumar Manu



Mr. Manas Singhal


Book Publication
  • Switching Theory, Pragati Prakashan: Dr. Kshitij Shinghal -Associate Professor.