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International Conferences
  • International Conference on Innovation in IOT, Robotics & Automation ( IIRA- 1.0 )
  • International Conference on Innovation in IOT, Robotics & Automation ( IIRA- 2.0 )
  • International Conference on Innovation in IOT, Robotics & Automation ( IIRA- 3.0 )
  • International Conference on Innovation in IOT, Robotics & Automation ( IIRA 4.0)
National Conference /seminar


National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ETEST-2K19), (6-7 September, 2019)

This conference aims to provide a common platform for researcher, academicians, technocrats and industry people to exchange their research challenges encountered and solution adopted for improving the standard of living. These new avenues will help in sharing of experience and exchange ideas to promote scientific progress aimed at accelerating India’s overall growth. In particular, the national conference on “Emerging Trends in Engineering Science and Technology (ETEST-2K19)” will be a platform to bring together professional, academic researchers and scientists interested in techniques inspired from engineering, technological and scientific advancement in the field of engineering, science and technology.

This conference was in collaboration with IEI (India) and was technically co-sponsored by IEEE UP Section.

1. Paramount Coaching, Moradabad.
2. CADD Center, Moradabad.
3. TIME Coaching, Moradabad.
4. CETPA Infotech, Noida.

No. of Selected Papers : 64
Guests, Keynote Speakers & Session Chairs

1. Prof. P.S. Grover, University of Delhi, Delhi (Chief Guest on 6-Sep-2019)
2. Er. K.B. Agarwal, Founder Chairman, IEI, BLC, Bareilly (Guest on 6-Sep-2019)
3. Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Hony. Secretary, IEI, BLC, Bareilly (Guest on 6-Sep-2019)
4. Dr. Vinay Rishiwal, Rohilkhand University, Bareilly (Keynote Speaker on 6-Sep-2019)
5. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, GNIT, Greater Noida (Session Chair on 6-Sep-2019)
6. Prof. Ramchandra, IIT Delhi, Delhi (Chief Guest on 7-Sep-2019)
7. Prof. Ashwani Gupta, IET, Bareilly (Keynote Speaker on 7-Sep-2019)

National Seminar on Smart Innovative Technologies to Countermeasure Challenges in Cyber Security (28th-29th September, 2018)

Aim of Seminar

The Technology and techniques in Computer Science and I.T. are rapidly changing. To keep the Faculty teaching in Engineering Colleges informed about the major advancements in the related area the Seminar, Training sessions, Staff Development Programmes and FDP’s had to be organized from time to time. To fulfill the above objective the faculty from Computer Science and Engineering, have come forward to organize this Seminar. This Seminar will provide a remarkable Opportunity for the academic and industrial community to address new challenges and share solutions, and discuss future research directions in various emerging fields. Two days will be devoted to various sessions which will include cyber security, Network Security, Counter measures of cyber security and miscellaneous topics. A variety of topics will be covered from the prominent areas. This Seminar will definitely prove helpful and knowledgeable to all its participants.

This seminar will expose participants to the most recent developments in the areas of

  • Cyber Security & Threats
  • Network Security
  • Preventive / Counter Measures of Cyber Attack
  • Cyberware
  • IOT and its threat Prevention Technologies