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Virtual Learning

In this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic, we all are locked inside our homes. To stay safe inside the home is the only way to combat the pandemic. In this situation virtual learning is the only key to knockdown this lock down period.

Virtual Lab:

Virtual labs is a project initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT).


The motivation for virtual lab is the observed limitations of existing environment due to COVID-19 pandemic. The need to integrate virtual lab in the process of teaching and learning in MIT is becoming more viral

Video Lectures:

 Subject Name Faculty
Theory of Automata (KCS-402) Mr. Vikas Mittal
Theory of Automata (KCS-402) Mr. Praveen Saini
Operating system Ms. Neha Gupta
Design & Analysis of Algoriyhm (Part-1) Ms. Neha Gupta
Design & Analysis of Algorithm (Part-2) Ms. Neha Gupta
Data Structure Using Java Ms. Deepali Agarwal
Placement Prepration Series Ms. Deepali Agarwal
Web development using Django Ms. Deepali Agarwal
Core Java Ms. Deepali Agarwal
Python Programming Ms. Deepali Agarwal
Android development Ms. Deepali Agarwal
Web development using HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap Ms. Deepali Agarwal


 Subject Name Faculty
Blockchain Technology with Digital Era
 Dr. Rajeev Kumar
Blockchain Technology with Digital Era Dr. Rajeev Kumar
The Ethical Frontier of AI and Data Analysis Dr. Rajeev Kumar
Compiler Design Ms. Priyanka Goel
Genetic Algorithm and Machine learning  Ms. Yukti Varshney
Basic Compiler Design Ms. Anu Sharma